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11 Signs You’re A Feminist


1. You think no woman should be called a slut, but you’re all for and maybe even participate in slutwalks.

2.You want to ban pornography because it objectifies women but own a copy of “50 Shades of Grey.” 

3.You demand men take ownership of their lives and whilst simultaneously blaming all your problems on the “patriarchy.” 

4.You claim feminism cares about men’ problems too,but false rape accusations are irrelevant because you still believe 1 in 4 women will be raped in their lifetime. 

5.You shame men for shaming other men who don’t agree with MRA issues but any woman who does not support feminism is automatically a “gender traitor” and “rape apologist.” 

6.You believe men only think men become feminists is to get laid,but also that the only reason we tolerate female MRA’s is because we want to have sex with them. 

7.You say things like “If you’re not a feminist,you’re a bigot.” Yet also say things like “Women have every right to hate men.” 

8.You constantly tell men to “check their privilege” and that male privilege exists but most men can’t see it,yet refuse to acknowledge female privilege because……you can’t see it. 

9.You find the idea of genital mutilation of a man being joked about on live television hysterically funny,but claim misandry doesn’t exist. 

10. You assert that women are strong, independent, capable, never helpless or naive, yet it is society’s/men’s fault that women succumb to pressure in regards to beauty standards and other forms of peer pressure, implying that women are not possibly smart enough or strong enough to make healthy, intelligent decisions for themselves.

11. You claim that feminism accepts a woman’s choice to become a wife/mother/stay-at-home mom, and that feminism is fighting for a woman’s right to CHOOSE, yet you shame females who reject feminism by calling them ‘baby makers’ and ‘sex slaves’.


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